Wait……. We’re not losing Deaton…. are we?


i don’t know what to caption except me > u

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lmao i just read one of the posts ~validating~ the blackout or whatever and no



tbh I don’t see the fuss about having waiters/waitresses not being happy and enthusiastic like I came here to eat I didn’t come here to be amused by employees as long as I’m getting my food and they’re not being blatantly rude I don’t see why y’all need to go on yelp to rank a restaurant 0/5 and have an outburst on why your waitress didn’t smile at you when she poured you water

this is pretty fucking important







anyone else noticing a trend here?


didn’t know ancient egyptians looked like mayo…


Ok but of course the servants and thieves are black ok i see yall

This makes me so mad

Just damn. The racism is FLAGRANT. Like, wow. I would’ve rather everyone be white and WRONG than this fuckery here. Good Lord.

"Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope."

"But, Dad, don’t we eat the antelope?" 

Yes, Simba, but let me explain. When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connnected in the great circle of life.”

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"these kids"


At some point maybe they will realize they need to make him stop doing interviews. Or at least limit him to questions he can answer with “poop”.

It think he tried…

…and failed dismally

Like, he’s been to a few cons. Surely he realises that the people who go to cons are the same people who write fic and that they aren’t ‘kids’?

Surely by now they’ve realised that they should only let Hoechlin out to do interviews. And maybe a few of the others with (his) supervision. But never Posey. Just, never. 

MTV do employ actual PR people, right? /facepalm

No he didn’t fail. You just don’t like his fucking answer.

I don’t think he means “these kids” disparagingly. Go watch the fucking video for context and stop finding reasons to complain about every damn thing he does. Like I can’t take a bunch of fucking assholes insulting his intelligence in all these roundabout ways and still thinking themselves high and mighty enough to make comments like this. Tyler Posey spent the weekend answering questions putting all his heart into it and you’re trying to find something bad about what he’s saying here even though he literally just said that he thinks what the fans do with fanfiction is great. 

Like the Teen Wolf fandom is made up of mostly high school kids and people around his age. I don’t think saying “these kids” is a problem. I really don’t think he means “these children.” I find it strange that people need Posey to take every single thing into consideration every time he talks or does something and when he doesn’t (because it’s fucking impossible) suddenly he’s a fucking unintelligent barbarian that they should keep in a cage. He can’t win for fucking losing with you people.

literally get the fuck over yourselves. 

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Hillary Clinton said, in relation to what is happening in Gaza: “The responsibility falls on Hamas. I have no doubt that it was a deliberate provocation." Also, Elizabeth Warren ran from a question concerning Israel. She can run, but on her website she clearly shows support for Israel.

They’re so-called liberals and democrats. Regardless, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Unless one comes around like John Brown they’re just disguised republicans. 50 years after Malcolm X made it clear that white liberals are the fox and that republicans are the wolf, we still make the same mistakes. One lets you know they are against you, the other smiles in your face, calls you their friend, but is only pretending.

Our little Belle thinks she is prettier than her older brother when he was a baby, so she’s trying to get more tumblr notes on her gifset :O (we told her it was kinda impossible)