#I don’t think anyone has paid much attention to the gravity/meaning to what he is saying here #forget the valonqar #forget Shae #this MAN #that SO many tumblr users have called misogynist and sexist and abusive and whatever else #is FURIOUS #Not even over Shae #the girl he really loves #but over a prostitute he slept with once in Winterfell #if he were Robert #if he were Littlefinger #if he were any of the other men in the series who disregard most women #and that is most of them #he would have simply been thankful for the fact it wasn’t Shae #but this man #this bold #this MORAL man #is threatening his only sister with torment and misery #because she abused an ‘anonymous’ prostitute #Tyrion CARES #Tyrion does not let injustice against the innocent simply slide #Tyrion is the most moral person in King’s Landing besides Sansa and don’t you DARE fucking forget it #Because even though everyone else disregards Ros #and anyone else who isn’t politically important for that matter #Tyrion doesn’t #He is intrinsically moral and this is the scene that cements that fact #He hates his sister for doing this to Ros #So fuck all of you who say he is immoral #fuck all of you who say he’s a rapist and an arsehole #because Tyrion is the only one who would have defended Ros in this situation #he still sees her as an innocent in spite of being a sex worker #all of you who say Tyrion is a misogynist #fuck off RIGHT NOW

If they say he is a misogynist they didn’t understand the character. Like, at all.

i can’t believe people actually call him MISOGYNIST?

holy shit


tyrion is a romantic, fun fact. he has his heart broken by the first and so far only girl he’s ever married, because she was a whore, and he does indeed have a love for sex. who doesn’t? but he falls in love far too easily. he loves shae, and a part of him loves every woman he’s ever bed, because they all remind him of tysha, the girl who broke his heart.

why does he love jaime? because jaime is the one who showed him the harsh truth of the world, and didn’t blame him for it. sweet, brave jaime is his older brother and the only family member he’s ever had that actually cared about him except maybe his niece and nephews. he treasures that, and it’s taught him to treasure love in ever form. so he can’t turn back on anything cruel or unforgiving, because that’s been his life; being a dwarf, outcast, runt of the family, laughing stock. he will never wish that upon someone else. not even one of his family enemies like jon snow.

no, i’m sorry, this is just wrong

to start with, he loved tysha and then decided that she actually deserved to be gang raped because she was a whore and betrayed him. he thought that’s what she deserved. it wasn’t his idea, but he thought that was pretty a-okay. although he was coerced and deeply traumatized by the experience, he thought that she deserved to be raped by him. so like yo you can stop your weird rose-tinted-glasses interpretation of how sweet and tragic it was, because that is some brutal, horrific shit that is supposed to make you question how accurate tyrion’s self-image, beliefs, personal narrative really are. he is the quintessential unreliable narrator. that is the point.

i don’t know if you’re show-only? because this is slightly more understandable of a misconception from that perspective, but it’s unequivocally clear from the books.

so #spoilers for pretty much the rest of the series —

tyrion thinks women are either whores or saints. constantly. throughout his entire narrative. all the time. it’s the only way he knows how to categorize women, the only way he even knows how to think about them. you know this because in his dozens of pov chapters, this is the only way he thinks about women.

defending ros because he thinks she’s helpless does not cancel out all of his misogyny.

defending ros does not make him suddenly not a rapist.

defending ros does not erase or contradict any other part of his narrative or personality, esp considering that he hates cersei to begin with.

like, wow

i guess you forgot that part where he thought tysha deserved to be gang raped for betraying him

and that part where he thinks shae belongs to him, because why wouldn’t she, she’s a prostitute (“i’m yours?”)

and that part where he starts fantasizing about raping and murdering his sister to use her own femininity against her, because that’s what he thinks she deserves

and that time when he has sex with a prostitute and thinks sadly about how she should be put down like an animal and about how worthless she is

  • failing to be the worst person in king’s landing does not invalidate his misogyny
  • failing to be a completely amoral monster does not invalidate his misogyny
  • being a romantic, having a sense of justice, having experienced injustice, does not invalidate his misogyny
  • being nice and charming and an underdog does not invalidate his misogyny
  • that is not how that shit works okay

you are grossly misunderstanding his narrative if you hand-wave away all of this shit, because this shit is the point. every character in this damn series is a deconstruction, from the noble knight to the honorable man to the evil queen to the girl hero to the fucking clever underdog, and ignoring that because you think tyrion is a swell dude is just really p gross.

so um no seriously you can fuck off yourself, your opinion is gross and pretends that one of the most insidiously misogynistic characters in the series is innocent when the point of his character is that he’s not.

Spoilers for A Dance with Dragons.

"How odd that you should mention your fair sister," said Illyrio, between snails. "The queen has offered a lordship to the man who brings her your head, no matter how humble his birth."

It was no more than Tyrion had expected. “If you mean to take her up on it, make her spread her legs for you as well. The best part of me for the best part of her, that’s a fair trade.”

 (A Dance with Dragons, p. 32)

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